Autumn leaves

I have been taking photographs of autumn leaves. I love the colours of Autumn, the shocking pink and reds and the vibrant orange and yellows.This has inspired me to make one of the aspects of my identity seasonal, using the images and colours from each of the seasons. The changing of the seasons is a very visible part of the cycle of life.

red leafYellow leafgreen/yellow leavesyellow leafYellow/brown leavesLovely pink leaf







Red/green leavesRed/green/yollow thin leaves




Here are some photos of leaves I picked up of the ground – the colours look a lot less vibrant and intense than the ones taken outside, lovely shapes for cut-outs though.

orange and yellow leaf on white backgroundYellow leaf on white backgroundSpotty leaf on white backgroundGreen and yellow leaf on white background




orange leaf on white backgroundLarge yellow leaf on white background

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