Dinosaur adding and taking away game

I designed and produced this game as part of my LSA level 2 course placement. Some of the children in the class are struggling with the concept of basic adding and taking away of numbers. I made this fun hands-on dinosaur adding up and taking away game to aid their learning. It consists of a large dice and A3 wipe-clean work sheets that incorporate a dinosaur number line to help the children work out their answers. The adding game uses two dice numbered 1 to 6. The taking away game uses one die numbered 7 to 12 and one 1 to 6, enabling the smaller number to be taken away from the greater.

All the children who took part received a dinosaur sticker when they had completed the game. Feed-back from pupils and teacher was that the resource was very successful.

dinosaur game 1

dinosaur game 4

dinosaur game 2

dinosaur game 3


In Touch Resources

In Touch Resource Pack

Resource pack for schools, aimed at children aged 3-7 (Foundation Phase). The pack contains A3 laminated dry-wipe  resource sheets, press-out self assembly dice, A4 photocopiable resource sheets, teacher guide, sticker pack and a pre-configured ipad containing interactive games.

Pack shot

Beach Resource 1

Beach Resource 2

Beach Resource 3

dice sheet