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My design inspiration comes from the world around me; friends, family, children, the natural world and especially the colours we all see around us every day. I take a great pleasure in the passing of the seasons and the visual and emotional changes that this brings. Walking in the countryside, or on cliff top paths, seeing the colours of the sky, the sea, the clouds and the spring flowers. The autumn leaves on the ground and richness of the colour spectrum as the outside world adjusts to the seasonal change – these are all things that provide an emotional space to draw upon in my approach to design. I like to use photography to capture and record the moment and bring the images into my design work wherever possible.

I see the same sources of inspiration in the work of other creative people and this gives me the confidence to bring this to my own design outcomes. Although the natural world is complex, there is a simplicity to the enjoyment of it, and this is something that I try to bring to my design approach. I see no rationale to over complicating design for the sake of an effect or a stylistic treatment and I strive to keep my design solutions as honest and approachable as possible, keeping to the belief that design is there to act as a communication method.

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