In Touch Resources

In Touch Resource Pack

Resource pack for schools, aimed at children aged 3-7 (Foundation Phase). The pack contains A3 laminated dry-wipe  resource sheets, press-out self assembly dice, A4 photocopiable resource sheets, teacher guide, sticker pack and a pre-configured ipad containing interactive games.

Pack shot

Beach Resource 1

Beach Resource 2

Beach Resource 3

dice sheet


Critical Paper Book

Psychology book Cover


The brief was to publish my Critical Paper as a printed book.

My critical Paper was entitled Psychology led Design – Investigating the Potential for Graphic (Communication) Design to Positively Facilitate a Better Learning Experience for Young Boys Through the Foundation Phase in Wales.

My research question was – By using some the finding of child psychologists and ideas from radical thinkers who have helped to shape the early years Foundation Phase we have in our Primary schools today, can I as a designer significantly improve the learning experiences of the rising number of young boys struggling to learn?

The finished book is 48 pages plus cover and was printed by Blurb. I took photographs of children in the Y1 class I help out in, centering on their hands doing things. I then digitally manipulated the images to create bright and colourful colours with which to base my colour palette.

Here are a few sample spreads.

Psychology Led Design p4-5

Psychology Led Design p18-19

Psychology Led Design p38-39

Autumn leaves

I have been taking photographs of autumn leaves. I love the colours of Autumn, the shocking pink and reds and the vibrant orange and yellows.This has inspired me to make one of the aspects of my identity seasonal, using the images and colours from each of the seasons. The changing of the seasons is a very visible part of the cycle of life.

red leafYellow leafgreen/yellow leavesyellow leafYellow/brown leavesLovely pink leaf







Red/green leavesRed/green/yollow thin leaves




Here are some photos of leaves I picked up of the ground – the colours look a lot less vibrant and intense than the ones taken outside, lovely shapes for cut-outs though.

orange and yellow leaf on white backgroundYellow leaf on white backgroundSpotty leaf on white backgroundGreen and yellow leaf on white background




orange leaf on white backgroundLarge yellow leaf on white background