RSA Student Design Awards

The RSA Student Design Award brief for 2011/12

To Inspire the nation with a set of Royal Mail Special Stamps

World with a Future
The brief was to design a set of stamps as a means of encouraging consumers to make positive environmental changes and educate future generations with regard to energy conservation, low-impact transport, zero-carbon housing, and reducing water over-consumption.

This set of stamps is aimed at families with young children. Families, including my own, consume large amounts of food, generate a lot of waste, grow out of and wash a lot of clothes. Not to mention all the ferrying the kids around! I wanted my stamps to appeal to children because they are the future. I have made them bright and colourful with a simple direct style which conveys the message clearly but in a child friendly way without alienating the adults!

RSA stamps set 2 cover

RSA stamps - set 2 (1&2)

RSA stamps set 2 (4&5)

RSA stamps set 2 - 3

In my second set of stamps I have tried to convey the message that the everyday objects that people throw away are beautiful, have a value, should be re-used and then recycled.

RSA stamps set 1 cover

RSA stamps set 1 (1&2)

stamps set 1 (3&4)

RSA stamps set 1 (5&6)