Exhibition panels for Design for Ageing Well project

I worked with my partner to design these panels for the Design for Ageing Well research project.

The panels were cleverly produced by printing on to a strong but lightweight polyester fabric meaning that the client could easily roll them up and transport to academic conferences wherever in the world they needed to go.

The panels were suspended by hanging from lightweight alloy poles or thin shock cord threaded through reinforced eyelet holes, making this a truly flexible and transportable solution.

Design for Ageing Well exhibition panels

Design for Ageing Well exhibition panels

Design for Ageing Well exhibition panels

Design for Ageing Well exhibition panels

Critical Paper Book

Psychology book Cover


The brief was to publish my Critical Paper as a printed book.

My critical Paper was entitled Psychology led Design – Investigating the Potential for Graphic (Communication) Design to Positively Facilitate a Better Learning Experience for Young Boys Through the Foundation Phase in Wales.

My research question was – By using some the finding of child psychologists and ideas from radical thinkers who have helped to shape the early years Foundation Phase we have in our Primary schools today, can I as a designer significantly improve the learning experiences of the rising number of young boys struggling to learn?

The finished book is 48 pages plus cover and was printed by Blurb. I took photographs of children in the Y1 class I help out in, centering on their hands doing things. I then digitally manipulated the images to create bright and colourful colours with which to base my colour palette.

Here are a few sample spreads.

Psychology Led Design p4-5

Psychology Led Design p18-19

Psychology Led Design p38-39

Alumni posters

I designed this set of two posters for a project entitled Alumni. The two posters were placed side by side in an exhibition at the University. They incorporate my six year old son’s hand-writing and feature the first and last word in the Oxford Essential English Dictionary (Children’s). The idea is that my son is at the beginning of a long journey of learning. He has just started to read write and spell. He is at the beginning just like the work aardvark. He will undoubtedly use this dictionary in the future as he progresses through his education. I have recorded his letter formation of the moment, and the colours I have used are from his favorite T-shirt of the moment, something personal to him.


alumni aardvark posterAlumni zucchini poster